The mission of Bayard Public Schools is to partner with parents to provide a
successful educational experience and diverse opportunities.

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Bayard Public Schools Support Fund
Reverence for the Past, Excitement for the Future

About Bayard Public Schools Support Fund

The Bayard Public Schools Support Fund exists to provide educational and operational support to the Bayard Public Schools. The fund was instrumental in helping facilitate funding for the track construction and improvement projects at the Sports Complex at Bayard High School. Future initiatives for the Bayard Public Schools Support Fund include development of a classroom grants program, special projects, and development of an endowment to support continued excellence in education.

Bayard Public Schools is working to develop deeper relationships with alumni, former employees, community members, and supporters of our school. We are referring to this diverse group of people as "Bayard Tiger Nation". It is our hope this effort can provide new opportunities to recognize excellence and enhance pride in our school community through inter-generational participation and contributions to the Bayard Public Schools Support Fund.

We believe by working together with our alumni, we can promote conditions which help current and future students at Bayard Public Schools to be prepared to live fulfilling and meaningful lives.

Our Beliefs:
• We believe by working together we can build a stronger school community for people of every generation of Bayard Tiger Nation.
• We believe the legacy of exemplary members of Bayard Tiger Nation should be honored and preserved so current and future generations can be inspired by the accomplishments of those who have come before us.
• We believe businesses, community members and alumni have the ability to make significant contributions to the good of the school community.
• We believe the students of Bayard Public Schools can benefit from the intellectual, experiential, and fiscal resources of community members and alumni in ways that will impact future generations.
• We believe by investing in relationships we can collectively impact the future viability of our community.
• We believe today is the best time to invest in the future of our school community.
• We believe by working together, resources can be developed to promote a better future for generations to come.

The Bayard Public Schools Support Fund seeks to honor the past and to create a better future. We know current and future generations of students have significant formative experiences during their time at Bayard Public Schools. To the greatest extent possible we hope these experiences will be as positive as those of Colleen Gloria Warrick Kerr:
"I have attended dinners at the White House, met many important people, traveled to lovely parts of the world, and lived in beautiful areas of our country - but the years spent in Bayard with my loving family and dear friends are among my most precious memories."
-Colleen Gloria Warrick Kerr
Bayard High School Class of 1941

We Need Your Help
Please consider helping us as we develop a new era of engagement in our community through contributing to the Bayard Public Schools Support Fund! For additional information please contact Heather Oliverius at