Continue to develop and enhance this rare passive solar heat greenhouse and surrounding land to provide a beautiful green space and respite for the community. Cultivate a wide range of plants native to our area planted and designed to attract and feed endangered pollinators. Teach plant identification and their culinary qualities. Continue production of garden produce to be shared with our community produce recipients. Work with community programs to help promote gardening and healthy eating.

More About Us

We are working for our community as we grow our vegetables from seed in the greenhouse and harvest our garden produce for our two produce recipients: the Gering United Methodist Church to be used in their Ministry of weekly soup suppers as well as produce given to community members and the First Baptist Church of Scottsbluff Ministry using our fresh produce to add to their weekly pantry boxes delivered to families in need. Extra produce is shared with the Church family. In the 2020 growing season we provided over 1,600 lbs. of produce. Through these entities, hundreds have been served by the Gering Community Ever Green House every year.

The Gering Community Ever Green House strives to provide a serene green space for the community. It is our intention to provide beauty that can be enjoyed by all, as well as ensuring access for people with disabilities. In 2019/20 we completed our 200' concrete walkway and arbor on the south side of the greenhouse building. Flowering climbing varieties including Silver Lace, Clematis and Wisteria have been planted along the arbor and were enjoyed last year. Benches and solar lights illuminate the walkway to enjoy summer evenings.

We have been able to provide a showcase and enjoy the talents of Boy Scouts who have completed their Eagle Scout projects here along with local high school art students and other youth groups. The local high school construction class built the storage shed on the north side.

With our unique passive solar greenhouse, we are an attraction for traveling visitors as well as local citizens, senior citizens and volunteers. Professional photographers have also been known to use our background of flowers in their profession. We have a 30+ year old fig tree growing inside the greenhouse and have been able to provide fresh figs during the summer months for sale to locally owned restaurants and the community for specialty baking, etc. It is a rarity to find fresh figs in this part of the country, as many of our visitors have shared.

Volunteers throughout the years include the Gering National Guard Armory, Master Gardeners, members of the AARP, the local Board of Realtors and the Kiwanis Club as well as many other community members. We have also been fortunate to receive help from the Scotts Bluff County Inmate Work Program who have provided many hours of manual labor over the last couple of years.


I have been volunteering at the greenhouse for a number of years helping both inside and enjoying a growing plot outside. I live close by and have enjoyed the camaraderie with other garden enthusiasts and it's been great seeing the rebuild of this wonderful facility in Gering, Nebraska with outdoor raised beds. Rose Higel, Gering

I have enjoyed working with Carol and Tina as they work to bring the greenhouse back to life. It's really a nice asset on the corner of Overland Trail Road and next to the Western Pioneers ball park where a lot of people will be able to enjoy this spot. They have worked very hard and it is looking wonderful. Bob Burr, Gering

When I moved back to this area in late 2017, I was interested in finding a place to volunteer. I was excited to see the greenhouse was still here and made an effort to meet up with Carol Knaub and offer my assistance. It has been a great experience and so much fun to see the additions and watch the beauty unfold. I am looking forward to 2022 as more exciting plans will come to fruition. Tina Luz, Gering

The Community Evergreen House is a great asset to and for our community. I have helped each year to plant seeds for vegetables & flowers. It is exciting to watch things grow and then comes the harvest. Wonderful fresh vegetables to eat. Carol Knaub is the lead volunteer at the green house and she is an excited and devoted person. She is doing a great job at making the green house improve, as an example: a new building to store tools, etc. Sincerely, Pauline Francisco

Carol has created a great asset to our community - The Evergreen House is a place where Parents, Children and Grandparents can meet to help maintain the Evergeen House and Gardens. Work ethics taught here! Or they can have a quiet Serene time together. Eat a sandwich or play some cards under the Tree/Arbor. Jean Lashley 10/15/18

My name is Toshiko Nanbara. I've had a stroke 6+ years ago so getting around is hard. I have helped at the green house plant seeds (sitting down) and one day I helped weed outside as I work on my knees. I feel I would like to do more as I like to garden. I've also donated hangers and plants. I plan to do as much I can again next year.

I am grateful that the Evergreen House has been revived in the City of Gering. It offers great benefits to the citizens and organizations in Gering through donations of Produce raised there for those purposes. Also gives citizens an opportunity to grow vegetables for their own use. I love the figs from the Fig tree there. Julia Meisner