Old West Balloon Fest mission is to delight children of all ages by providing
Western Nebraska and the surrounding communities with a world class hot air ballooning event

Help us showcase the beauty of Western Nebraska by donating to Old West Balloon Fest hosting US National Hot Air Balloon Championships. It is important for this organization to bring a fun family week long event to the area in 2022. Many visitors who have attended the event in the past, are planning on attending again this year. 100% of money received through donors stays in our local community.

More About Us

Old West Balloon Fest was "re-inflated" six years ago when several community leaders had a vision of reviving Old West Weekend. Old West Weekend was filled with family entertainment with the highlight being hot air balloon mass ascensions. The Old West Weekend lasted over 20 years in the 1980's and 1990's and is fondly remembered by the community, and many to this day say that they remember attending the event as children. Old West Balloon Fest has successfully reintroduced this amazing family event to Western Nebraska. We are currently celebrating our sixth anniversary. The popularity of Old West Balloon Fest has attracted National recognition. The Balloon Federation of America has awarded Scotts Bluff County the National Hot Air Ballooning Competition for the years 2019, 2021 and 2022. The huge success of the 2019 US Nationals was unprecedented and we look forward to the 2021/2022 US Nationals Competition. Over 80 hot air balloons will fill the skies of western Nebraska with pilots traveling from all over the United States to attend the event and compete. The economic impact to our communities is tremendous and helps small businesses in a big way. Thousands attend the event every year and are never disappointed in watching the hot air balloons floating in the valley. Please help us continue to provide this amazing event to our community by showcasing Balloon Federation of America's National Hot Air Ballooning Championship. We are truly proud to be chosen for the great honor of hosting this National Competition. Old West Balloon Fest gives us the opportunity to spot light the generous hospitality of our Nebraska community and its surrounding neighbors.

  • Testimonials

    "My hats off to you and the people of the Scotts Bluff County area for making this an event that I want to return to next year. You did a super job and should be
    congratulated for you success with the Old West Balloon Festival re-inflated." Rich Lawhorn - Pilot "Humpty Dumpty"

    "You all need to be congratulating each other! It was a wonderful time and each person there, Balloonists and crews especially, were treated by you, your committee and the fabulous folks in western Nebraska with complete respect and open arms! This is the kind of event that we ALL want to return to and be a part". Mark Whiting - Pilot "Big Top"

    "It was a blast!! Fun for everyone, all the pilots are super friendly and happy to explain anything and everything to you! We've volunteered for the last two years, it's something we do as a family and my 10 year old daughter looks forward to it every year!!! Thank you for brining is amazing event to our amazing town!!" Erica James

    "Thank you to the entire crew and volunteers for bringing this back to our community...I was so thankful, and appreciate all the hard work it took to bring this back to the panhandle!" Nicole Smith

    "I remember Old West Fest & the Balloons when I was little so of course when I heard about the "relaunch" I was definitely going to bring my family to see the balloons!!! My family & I woke up at 4:00 this morning & drove 1 1/2 hours to be here & I am so happy we did!!! There were so many balloons & people!!! Every "balloon driver & company" we talked to answered questions & engaged in fun conversation!!! In my world this equals success!!! And at the end of the day the small glitches of the day turn into fun family memories!!! Can't wait until next year!!!" Holly Benish

    "This was a great event - something exciting sorely needed in our small communities. It felt like one giant community gathering being able to be so up close and personal with the balloons and the crew. Children had the opportunity to touch the baskets and ask questions. It was perfect!" Jaymee Woolhiser