The Playtime Matters Project has been revived! For those who don’t know what the Playtime Matters Project is; four years ago, the Mitchell Elementary PET group, along with the support of Mitchell and surrounding communities was able to make the vision of having new playground equipment a reality for the students at Mitchell Elementary School. In less than a year we were able to raise over $165,00.00 thru fundraising, charitable contributions, corporate donations, grants, and in-kind donations. The support for this project was tremendous! However, we feel that there is something missing on the playground.
The Playtime Matters Project Revived would like to install a green space on the Southeast side of the existing playground. This green space will include a grassy play area, trees to provide shade, and a football field for our football-loving community. The committee has enlisted help from experts in this area to ensure we do this project correctly. We have spent a great deal of time searching through materials, gathering price quotes and bids, not only on sod and topsoil but also on concrete for sidewalks and edging, sprinklers, and everything else in between. The cost of materials at this time is very high even when one is being conservative with the design and materials being chosen. We are applying for grants that will help us on our way to reaching the $50,000.00 we need to complete such a project. However, we know more money will be needed than any grant will provide, should we even receive one. We are in the process of raising the monies needed to successfully complete this much-needed project. With the help of the community, businesses, and foundations valley-wide we would like to have the green space ready for recess by the start of school next fall 2023.

At this time, we are taking any service, volunteering, and especially monetary donations that you may be able to provide. We would appreciate any amount of donation you could possibly give towards our cause. Donations can be sent to: “Playtime Matters Project/OTCF” at the address below. If you are unable to give, please keep us in your thoughts. Your words of encouragement are priceless! If you have any questions, please contact any member of the Playtime Matters Project Revived committee.

This green space will bring years of enjoyment to our community’s children and fewer rocks in our kiddo’s shoes.