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Don & Dian Roth Scholarship

Applications will be reviewed annually for the scholarship.  

  • Preference will be given to non lineal descendants of Don and Dian Roth if such descendants meet all other criteria for eligibility.
  • Non lineal descendants are not required to be Scotts Bluff county graduates.
  • If you are not a non lineal descendant, your major must be in EDUCATION, and you must be a graduate from Scotts Bluff county.
  • The scholarship is available to high school graduates or equivalent seeking to further their education through a two or four-year college degree or through a vocational/technical school. 
  • To qualify for the Don and Dian Roth Scholarship, students must:
  1. Be a United States citizen
  2. Must complete all parts of the online application
  3. Be enrolled full-time at an accredited college, university or vocational/technical school
  4. Maintain a “B” average or 3.0 GPA at a college or university or equivalent at a vocational/technical school

Deadline for application and supporting documents is April 1st.
The recipient of the $1,000 per year ($500 paid per semester) will be announced in May.

​The decision of the committee as to the recipient of the scholarship is final. The scholarship is paid directly to the college, university or vocational/technical school, provided the requirements are met. In the case of overseas students, special arrangements may be necessary.  The recipient is responsible for forwarding college transcripts to the Oregon Trail Community Foundation within 3 weeks of the end of each grading period. Failure to send transcripts jeopardizes scholarship renewal.

If the scholarship recipient or his or her parent(s) move to a new address, notification [including new address(es) and phone number(s)] must be sent to Oregon Trail Community Foundation.  We must also be notified if the recipient transfers to a different college.

The scholarship will be rescinded if the recipient does not enroll as a full-time student for the first semester for which the scholarship is awarded.



2018 Jaelynn Muhr - Mitchell  ($1,000)
2018Victoria Schwartz - Gering ($1,000)
2019  Hayden Higgins ($1,000)
2019 Quinton Janacek - Gering ($1,000)
2020 Mark Karpf - Gering ($1,000)
2021 Kaitlyn Ng - Windsor, CO ($1,000)
2022 David Karp - Gering ($1,000)
2023 Kara Higgins - Lincoln ($1,000)

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