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Scholarship Application Deadline

March 15, 2022


Download the PDF or Word Doc, fill out your application and submit your saved document here.

Please be sure to include all relevant letters of recommendation, essays, transcripts, college admittance and class schedules.
See specific scholarship for specific requirements.

You are always welcome to mail or drop off your application as well to: 
Oregon Trail Community Foundation / PO Box 1344 / 115 W Railways Street / Scottsbluff, NE 69361


Agriculture / Box Butte County

Aspiring Youth in Ag Scholarship

in memory of Keri Votruba

For Box Butte County Graduating Seniors Pursuing Study in an Agricultural related field.

The Keri Votruba Aspiring Youth in Ag Scholarship is offered to assist students who are pursuing a major in an agricultural related field at an accredited two or four-year college, university or technical school.  The scholarship is available to high school graduating seniors and college freshman.

​One $2,000 scholarship will be awarded annually for undergraduate study ($1,000 per year for two years). One winner and one alternate will be selected by an advisory committee with final approval of the OTCF Scholarship Committee.

Gering High School

CSPM Scholarship

Available to Gering High School Seniors. Three separate scholarships are awarded each year; one $2,000 scholarship ($500 per semester for two years) is awarded to a student pursuing two-year technical or vocational training, and two $6,000 scholarships ($750 per semester for four years) are awarded to students pursuing studies at a two-or four-year college or university. 

Mitchell High School

Mitchell Community Scholarship

$1,000 Scholarship for Graduating Seniors from Mitchell High School

Drug-Free Youth

Panhandle Drug-Free Youth Scholarship

​The Panhandle Drug-Free Youth Scholarship is available to Nebraska panhandle-area high school seniors who are currently involved in a local drug-free youth group. One $500 scholarship will be awarded annually. 

Scotts Bluff County

Lemons (Lawrence & Pauline) Scholarship

The Lawrence and Pauline Lemons Scholarship offers two $4,000 scholarships annually to students under age 30, who are graduates of any Scotts Bluff County high school.  Preference is given to lineal descendants of Harry and Mabel Wisner and Guy and Florence Lemons. 

Don & Dian Roth Scholarship

​The Don and Dian Roth Scholarship was established to encourage continuing education and serves as an investment in higher learning.

Scottsbluff High School

Jane and Chet Fliesbach Scholarship

The Jane and Chet Fliesbach Scholarship provides three (3) scholarships of $1,000 each ($500 per semester) to low-income Scottsbluff High School graduating seniors.  The scholarship may be used at either a two- or four-year institution.  Recipients must maintain a GPA of 2.0 or higher. 

Diesel Technology

Floyd's Truck Center, Inc.

Brian H. Greif Memorial Scholarship

​The Floyd’s Truck Center, Inc. Scholarship is offered to assist students from the following cities and surrounding areas: Scottsbluff, Gering and Sidney, NE; Cheyenne, Rock Springs, Casper and Gillette, WY; and from Rapid City and Pierre, SD, who are pursuing a major as a diesel technician at one of the accredited colleges listed. The scholarship is available to high school seniors, and to those who have previously graduated from high school.


Pre-Engineering Scholarship

​Offers financial assistance to a Scottsbluff or Gering High School graduating senior who will attend Western Nebraska Community College to pursue a degree in Pre-Engineering. 

WNCC Bound

Dill Scholarship

The Alan Dill Scholarship is selected by the Dill family and awarded to graduates of any Scotts Bluff County High School who attend Western Nebraska Community College.  The scholarship is worth $1,000 annually. 


Agri-Business Scholarship

For Area Graduating Seniors Pursuing Undergraduate Study in Agricultural Sciences

Gering High School

Lovercheck (Margaret) Scholarship

Available to Gering High School seniors for the study of art, music, theater, literature or journalism at a four-year institution.  The scholarship provides $500 per semester for up to four years for a student who needs financial assistance for college. 

Hispanic Scholarship

Hispanic Advisory Committee Scholarship

Available to Scotts Bluff County residents of Hispanic heritage and American citizenship to pursue undergraduate education. Scholarships are available to high school seniors and undergraduate college students. The number and value of scholarships will vary based on annual Hispanic Advisory Committee scholarship resources.  Scholarships may be renewable. Applicants must be full-time students.

Arts, Music, Theater

Bronson (Dorothy) Memorial Scholarship

For area high school students to attend summer camp for the study of art, music, dance or theater. Area high school students are eligible to receive Dorothy Bronson Memorial Scholarships through the summer following high school graduation. 

For Music Educators

Sharon M. Hoffman Music Educators Scholarship

A memorial scholarship fund for high school seniors or college students pursuing a career as a music educator. Open to students throughout the panhandle of Nebraska. One $1,000 scholarship will be awarded annually.

Fliesbach McAlister Scholarship

For high school seniors or junior college students who are residents of western Nebraska or eastern Wyoming, and planning to study art.  Recipients are selected by the West Nebraska Arts Center. Information about this scholarship is available by contacting the West Nebraska Arts Center at 308-632-2226.

Scottsbluff High School

CSI Scholarship

For graduating seniors of Scottsbluff High School. Three separate scholarships designated A, B, and C, will be awarded annually.  Applications should be submitted to the Scottsbluff High School Counseling Office. 

Scottsbluff High School

Lemons (Lawrence) Scholarship

The Lawrence Lemons $500 Memorial Scholarship is given annually to one Scottsbluff High School senior.

SHS Band Students

Class of '66 Memorial Scholarship

A $500 scholarship will be given annually to a Scottsbluff High School graduating senior who is an outstanding band student. Application forms are available at the Scottsbluff High School Counseling Office or from the band director.

Education or Healthcare

Clara E. Muehlberger Scholarship

Available to residents of the 11 panhandle counties and Goshen County in Wyoming who pursue undergraduate study in education or a health care-related field. It provides $1,000 per year for up to four years and may be used at either two- or four-year institution. The scholarships are available to high school seniors, non-traditional college students, and college upper classmen. 

2021/2022 Scholarship Recipients:

Agri-Business Scholarship
Allison Carpenter (Scottsbluff) $2,000
Aleena Wagner (Broadwater)  $2,000

Atkins Bequest Scholarship
James Heldt (Scottsbluff) $2,500

​​Mitchell Community Scholarship 
Regan Hodsden (Mitchell), $1,000

Panhandle Drug-Free Youth
Victoria Eckerberg (Gering), $500

Clara E. Muehlberger Scholarship
Grace Michael (Scottsbluff) $4,000
Kenneth Wyland (Hemingford) $4,000
Ashton Davis (Rushville) $4,000
Karissa Benavides (Bridgeport) $4,000
Landrie Nelson (Hemingford) $4,000
Rhegan Devier (Dalton) $2,000
Yazmin Marquez (Scottsbluff) $2,000

Lawrence & Pauline Lemons Scholarship
Francisco Barrios (Mitchell) $4,000
Ronald Sisson (Mitchell) $4,000

Class of '66 
Ashlyn Ibero (Scottsbluff)  $1,000

Tucker Halstead Fuentes (Gering) $2,000

Hispanic Advisory Committee
Jacqueline Patino (Scottsbluff) $500
Cassandra Rodriguez (Gering) $500

​​Dill Scholarship
Jaden Schumacher (Mitchell) $1,000

​​Fliesbach / McAlister Scholarship
Paige Schneider (Gering) $1,000

CSI Scholarship
Jamisyn Howard (Scottsbluff) $6,000
Tyler Smith (Scottsbluff) $6,000
Brett Hill (Scottsbluff) $2,000

Lawrence Lemons Scholarship
Ashlyn Ibero (Scottsbluff) $500

Lovercheck Scholarship
Victoria Eckerberg (Gering) $4,000

Jane & Chet Fliesbach Scholarship
Jacqueline Patino (Scottsbluff), $1,000
Elli Bauerkemper (Scottsbluff), $1,000
Kiana Brannan (Scottsbluff), $1,000

CSPM Scholarship
Lydia Connot (Gering), $6,000
Logan Andrews (Gering), $6,000

Don & Dian Roth Scholarship
Kaitlyn Ng (Windsor, CO) $1,000

Floyds Truck Center Inc /
Brian H. Greif Memorial Scholarship

Hannah Smithson (Lander, WY) $1,500
Dawson Richert (Lingle, WY) $1,000
Brian Turek (Hemingford) $1,000
Jakob Ratliff (Scottsbluff) $1,500

Dr. Jack Desenfants Memorial Scholarship
Savannah Jordan  (Banner County) $2,000
Kayle Morris (Gering)  $2,000
Caleigh Essert (Torrington) $2,000
Peyton Beaver (Scottsbluff) $2,000

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